Updated On: 19 July, 2018
Vigo Champ 4X4 STANDARD
Price Rs: 3,174,000
Vigo Champ V M/T
Price Rs: 3,444,000
Vigo Champ G A/T
Price Rs: 3,644,000
Vigo Champ GX Plus
Price Rs: 3,769,000
Vigo Champ TRD Sportivo
Price Rs: 3,999,000

Toyota Vigo Champ is a pickup truck perfect for on-road as well as off-road expeditions. The luxuriant giant brings high levels of thrills through its powerful drive. Moreover, the comfort offered by the interior is simply intoxicating.


The vehicle stands with an air of pride around it. The credit for its bold look goes to its premium metal frame and an alluring design which compels onlookers to gawk at it without blinking their eyes.

The chrome front grille imparts an enhanced level of confidence to the vehicle. This SUV approaches you haughtily with its chic headlamps gleaming on both sides of the grille. Below these lamps, circular fog lamps can be found shaped elegantly. The crystal head lamps have chrome stripes running around the edges for better quality. Similarly, the fog lamps also have a ring of chrome silhouetting them.

Chrome stripes also beautify the rear lamps. Next to the right rear lamp is engraved the name of the proud SUV. Right on the top, the name of the brand – Hilux – glorifies the vehicle. So, when the SUV leaves, running into the horizon, the traffic at the back can observe and feel inspired by the distinguished nameplate – a name which justifies the luxuriant Toyota Vigo Champ price.

A deck at the rear allows convenient loading and unloading of goods. There is exceptionally large space in this area of the vehicle for your goods. A strong roof carrier gives you another option for transporting your goods safely.


Use the side step to hop into Toyota Vigo Champ. From thereon begins your journey of utmost indulgence. The comfortable seats with their high quality fabric treat you like royalty as it is evident from its interior pictures. Moreover, the environment of the interior lets you enjoy through air-conditioning, a high level of quiet and peace along with entertaining media features.

Step into the modern world and make use of all the advanced driving features incorporated in the pickup. Steering switches let the driver have a convenient access to audio controls. Managing the phone is also easy through Bluetooth connectivity.

The top-notch entertainment features are also noteworthy. Make your expeditions more full of life through the easily manageable DVD player and an impressive sound system.

Toyota Vigo Champ Black Color


A 2KD-FTV engine with 2494 cc displacement gives the pickup truck immense power for all its thrilling adventures. Take the vehicle up to 75KW at 3600 rmp, which is the engine's maximum output. On the other hand, the maximum torque reaches up to 260NM with 1600 to 2400 rmp. Simply amazing!


A monster with so much power needs to be equipped with high-class safety features so that the riders are always safe during their on-road as well as off-road thrills. For keeping you safe from collisions, there is the Global Outstanding Assessment structure of its body which ensures that all force is absorbed and distributed to the frame of the body itself instead of harming the passengers inside.

A smooth drive, stability and control are ensured by Toyota Outstanding Performance feature. Your vehicle will be prevented from losing control when it is gliding at a high velocity on an unfriendly terrain.

Toyota Vigo Champ

Presence of air bags and anti-lock braking system further strengthen the entire safety system of the vehicle.

There should be no surprise that this glamorous, powerful and capable vehicle comes with a high Toyota Vigo Champ price in Pakistan. You can enjoy adventurous, yet safe trips in this amazing vehicle.