Updated On: 19 July, 2018
RAV4 2.4L A/T Price in Pakistan
Price Rs: 8,650,000
RAV4 2.4L M/T Price in Pakistan
Price Rs: 7,850,000

Toyota Rav4 is an elegant automobile meant for adventurous trips. The glamorous exterior reflects the professional expertise of its noteworthy manufacturers. Moreover, the car’s interior is also something to marvel at. All in all, you have quality, splendor and excellence in the form of this crossover SUV. Groundbreaking technology and refinement have added more worth and appeal to the model which can be seen striding across the roads in 2013.

There are three versions of this vehicle on the market: LE, XLE and Limited. Each of these has a 2.5 L, 4-cylinder and 16 valve engine. The efficiency of the engine has been fortified with dual VVT-I technology. Toyota Rav4 price range from around 7 to 8 million due to certain differences in the three available versions of the SUV.

The vehicle has a bold look which emanates sheer confidence. The shiny and jazzy body has been slightly remodeled. These changes have not been made to add more beauty, but to increase the convenience which the 2013 version is going to offer its lovers. For instance, a new lift-gate opens up to make the loading of the vehicle with goods easier.

Moreover, there are a few changes in the ultimate exterior design of the vehicle for a more majestic appearance. A new elegant bumper is adorned with a more confident looking front grille to impress the onlookers.

Moreover, this valuable model of 2013 has projector-beam headlights along with Daytime Running LED lights. This means, Toyota Rav4 is a car which can travel at any part of the day and does not ruin your adventure if there is haze around the road ahead. Visibility will remain undisturbed for you.

Inside the vehicle, you will find similar quality for the utmost convenience and comfort of the passengers. The smart key system, for instance, will give you control over the entire car from a remote location. Lock and unlock the car's door, open or close the lift-gate and start the engine by simply pressing a button on the smart key.

The steering wheel also has controls so that the driver can be incharge of the music as he drives away conveniently. Moreover, Bluetooth and Multi Information Display controls are also present right there on the steering wheel to make them easily accessible for the person driving the car. No more fumbling here and there to find the right buttons. Therefore, the journey will also be safe as the driver will not have to take his concentration away from the steering at any point during the drive.

The seats of the vehicle are easily adjustable to bring the utmost comfort level to the passengers along with the driver. In the Limited version, there is also an 8-way power system for managing the adjustability for the front seats. The rest of the passengers can also relax in their seats by reclining the seatbacks.

On the other hand, if the seatbacks are left in the upright position, this creates lots of space for luggage at the back. In fact, you can accommodate 38.4 cubic feet of stuff at the back. Therefore, folks who want to travel with their baggage will find plenty of room for it. However, if the back is completely stuffed, the rear passengers will no longer be able to recline the seatback for some rest.

The dual climate control system in the car creates an environment inside with the maximum level of comfort. No matter what the weather is like outside the vehicle, the inside will always be adjusted according to you preferences.

Toyota Rav4 Exterior Back Side Full View

To sum up, an adventurous journey is supported by these features:

Climate control facility for enjoying your preferred environment conditions inside the vehicle.

So, this beautiful SUV can take you to your dream journey. The Toyota Rav4 price is, however, not quite affordable. You can get Fortuner, another grand SUV by the company, at a cost which is around 2 million less than this. Similarly, Suzuki Jimny is an adventurous off-road vehicle which is available for a little over 2 million rupees.

However, none of the low cost SUVs can match Rav4 in quality, efficiency and elegance. It, therefore, asks you for a price for all the valuable features and services it offers.