Updated On: 19 July, 2018
Toyota Corolla Gli Automatic Price in Pakistan
Price Rs: 1,739,000
Toyota Corolla Gli Automatic Limited Edition Price in Pakistan
Price Rs: 1,864,000

Gliding across with style and power is the brand new version of Toyota Corolla GLi Automatic. The elegant Sedan is one of the best compact automobiles in Pakistan's auto market at the moment. With a great deal of modifications distinguishing it from the car's older versions, the charm of this Japanese Sedan has increased to a great extent.

Gorgeous Appearance in 2014

The design is confident, tasteful and extremely alluring. Although a number of other Sedans can be seen moving around on the roads, this Japanese beauty makes its own statement through the wonderful tweaks brought to the gorgeous appearance of Toyota Corolla GLi 2014.

Immense Fuel Economy

The four-door vehicle possesses the power of a dual VVTi-ZR engine. Combined with this strength is the EFI technology of the company which brings immense fuel economy. Therefore, drive on without the fear of wasting fuel or adding to the pollution levels of environment.

Advanced Ergonomics

This automatic version brings you the luxury which cannot be found in the manual version. The former possesses advanced ergonomic features which take your comfort to a level you have only dreamed of. Enjoy soaring through the air with the smoothness of fuel transmission and get hold of the power steering wheel that is very easy to handle. Power windows & doors, and a central locking system are some of the appealing features of Toyota Corolla Gli which increase your convenience manifold.

Toyota Corolla GLI Automatic

Exquisite Exterior

Although both the versions carry the same beautiful external design, it does not come as a surprise that the Toyota Corolla Gli price is higher than that of the manual model due to the obvious superiority of functionality. The appearance, however, imparts the same level of sophistication. The onlookers are mesmerized by the stylish set of crystal headlamps found on each side of the decent looking grille. Similarly, crystal tail lights at the back also gleam with pride and give the car an overall expensive look.

Super Quality Interior

The high quality interior gives you full value for all the fortune you are going to spend on this splendid vehicle. Premium quality fabric for the comfortable seats, air-conditioning and multi-media are only a few of the perks which enhance the experience of the passengers during a long trip.

Spaciousness and Entertainment

Three passengers can sit at the back with enough leg space before them. Even very long journeys are not going to make anyone feel exhausted. Moreover, do not fear boredom as your comfortable ride will be thoroughly enjoyable through the car's multi-media. A powerful sound system ensures that the rear passengers can enjoy music just as much as those sitting at the front. Moreover, there are also headsets available for the rear seats as an extra luxury for an even more delightful experience.

State-of-the-Art Safety Features

The manufacturers have also added state-of-the-art safety features for the car in order to make it perfect for your family. The basic safety measures include anti-lock braking system and electronic brake force distribution. The addition of active headrest reduces whiplash injury. So, whether you are driving alone or sharing a journey with your dear ones, all of you will be safe on the road.

55 Liter Fuel Tank Capacity

The vehicle has 55 liters of fuel capacity to go on long journeys. With 4 speed options, Toyota Corolla GLi price in Pakistan is below two million. There is also a special edition which may cost a bit more.

Bottom Line

Change the way you drive, add more power, enjoy more energy and give more comfort to your family through this amazing new Sedan.