Updated On: 19 July, 2018
Terios 2WD 1.5L A/T (Gasoline) Price in Pakistan
Price Rs: 3,409,000
Terios 4WD 1.5L M/T (Gasoline) Price in Pakistan
Price Rs: 3,409,000

Daihatsu Terios is a sensational SUV produced by the oldest automobile manufacturers of Japan, Daihatsu. Although the firm is more famous for small cars and off-road vehicles, Terios is a glamorous addition.

Evolutionary History

Originally, the vehicle was manufactured as an estate car with four doors. A facelift was given in the year 2000, adding more refined features to the vehicle. This was the first generation of Daihatsu's Terios. For the second generation of this vehicle, the company joined hands with Toyota. The dazzling automobile that you know today is the result of this collaboration.

Auto & Manual Transmission

The 2014 model of this four door SUV comes with two versions: manual and automatic. The former is a four wheel drive with a five-speed manual transmission system. On the other hand, the automatic version is a two-wheel drive with four speed levels. This makes Daihatsu's SUV quite ordinary. More gears would have enhanced the performance, giving better survival chances to Terios in a market full of more luxuriant counterparts.

Great Affordability

Daihatsu Terios price in Pakistan is around three million rupees. This makes the car more affordable than Toyota's Fortuner which comes with a heavy price tag of about five million rupees, even though the specifications of both the SUVs are almost the same.

Captivating Exterior

When you look at Daihatsu Terios pictures, the locomotive seems just as impressive as Toyota Fortuner or any other mini SUV. The captivating exterior looks almost daunting with a hefty bumper and a handsome chrome grille. The front grille contains Daihatsu’s logo even though Toyota takes equal credit for this wonder. Still, the latter neither has a share in the nameplate nor a place at the front grille for its logo. However, Toyota’s logo has been placed at the rear, honoring the famous Japanese manufacturer for the remarkable effort which resulted in this premium mini SUV.

Ritzy Interior

Power steering, power windows and central locking system found in the automatic version are the most basic features for a convenient driving experience. The interior in both the manual and automatic models of the SUV is up to the mark. This ritzy interior provides you with extremely comfortable seats along with ample room and leg space. Plus, you can always count on the media features for an entertaining journey.

Fuel Efficiency

When you speak of quality and efficiency, the appealing Daihatsu Terios specs gives you both. The electronic fuel injection system ensures fuel efficiency. This also means that the vehicle leaves minimal negative impact on the environment.

Daihatsu Terios White color Full View

Advanced Safety Measures

The vehicle possesses several features which bring the utmost safety to you and your family members riding in it. Technology has added amazing enhancements for your convenience through the wireless central locking system. There is also a downhill-assist control to let the driver manage this huge vehicle more easily and safely. Some other basic features for a safe journey are air bags, traction control system, and so on.

Bottom Line

As already mentioned, Daihatsu Terios price is more affordable than several other mini SUVs. This reliable, luxurious and efficient vehicle is, therefore, a good choice for car buyers in 2014.