Updated On: 6 Aug, 2018
Toyota Corolla XLi Automatic Transmission
Price Rs. 2,067,000
Toyota Corolla Xli 2018

Powered by the 4-speed automatic transmission system, the Corolla Xli Automatic is a new entrant into the welcoming auto industry of Pakistan from the house of Toyota Indus Motor Company. Available for booking from Monday, 6th August 2018, the vehicle also comes furnished with the Eco meter and other high-end specs for performance and safety.

The launch of the automatic version of the Xli has taken the potential buyers by surprise as previously it was rumored that the Toyota IMC was planning to discontinue the sales of Gli and Xli models.

Catering to Low-end Users Aspiring for Luxury:

The automatic, re-tweaked variant of the already popular Xli caters to the needs of low-end consumers who are aspiring for a luxury travel while exercising the constraints posed by their limited budget.They will have a plethora of features to boost the performance, safety, comfort and convenience. Just to have an idea, the Toyota Corolla Xli automatic price in Pakistan is a little over its manual counterpart.

Expected Toyota Corolla Xli Automatic Price in Pakistan:

While the manual version of the Corolla Xli is offered against the price package of a little over 19 lac rupees, the Toyota Corolla Xli Automatic price in Pakistan should logically be a bit higher. In exchange for the automatic transmission and certain other tweaks, the buyers won’t probably hesitate to pay around 20.6 lac rupees to bring it home and enjoy long travels with family.

High-end Functionalities:

The Gli and Xli twins from Toyota have been ruling over the hearts of the users for their cutting-edge, luxury-yielding specs offered against an affordable package. Let’s have a look at some of the feature highlights of the all new corolla.

Auto Transmission:

Among the high-end specs standards of the new entrant, the Xli Automatic, the automatic transmission system is the feature that deserves praise on the first place.This super electronic controlled transmission system shall be beneficial in more than one ways.

Firstly, owing to the automatic shifting of gears, the driver will be saved from a lot of manual labor. Secondly, as the auto transmission system will automatically sense the need for the change of a gear and apply it at the right time, the vehicle will give a smooth and balanced drive.

The third important benefit of the auto technology is that it will improve fuel efficiency, thereby decreasing the cost of traveling.

Eco Meter:

The main job of thebuilt-in Eco meter is to make the vehicle environment friendly. Obviously, being environment friendly also means that the car will give better fuel efficiency. Therefore, the cost of travelling shall be reduced.

Superior Safety:

With lots of safety measures, the protection of the passengers on the road gets maximized. Some of the praise-worthy safety specs of the car include Dual SRS bags, LED clearance lamps andsideview mirror with turn signals. Meanwhile, the immobilizer is also there to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Other Specs:

In addition to the performance and safety features, the car also offers lots of other features which make it the high-tweaked vehicle.Some of such specs include the front personal lamp, MID with Echo Zone, power mirror control, body colored mud flaps and ISOFIX child seat anchors.

Meanwhile,the front seat belt is also noteworthy which has 3-point ELR (Emergency Locking Retractor) with pretensioner and force limiter. From the point of view of comfort, an ELR is better than an ALR (Automatic Locking Retractor).

The ELR locks only in response to the rapid spooling of theseat belt webbing or rapid deceleration of the vehicle. Such a seat belt assembly was designed to allow the webbing of the seat belt to move freelyas the seat belt gets in place but lock the webbing immediately in the event of a crash.

Tech Specs:

The prominent tech specs of the Toyota Corolla Xli Automatic are being listed as under:


The fuel efficient Xli can cover the distance of up to 12 Km/liter in city.On the other hand, for a highway drive, it will run for up to 16 Km with the consumption of a single liter of fuel.


The 1298ccengine of the 5-seater Xli features the 4-cylinder, 16-valve DOHC technology with VVT-i mechanism. Here the VVT-i stands for Variable Valve Timing with intelligence. The Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection system ensures the smooth and efficient supply of fuel to the engine.

The machine is able to generate the force of 84 hp at 6,000 revolutions per minute which is enough to give you a power drive even on the topsy-turvy terrains.

Gear Box and Fuel Tank:

There are 4 gears in the gearbox of the vehicle which change automatically on sensing the need. Talking of the fuel tank capacity, it is spacious enough to accommodate as much as 55 liters of fuel. It means you can easily travel the distance of up to 880 kilometers with the single refill.


The auto industry gurus are appreciating the decision by Toyota Indus Motor Company to launch an automatic version of the Xli instead of discontinuing its sales as previously planned. In addition to the revamping of the transmission system, the vehicle has been re-tweaked on certain other fronts as well.

On the other hand, there is a negligible rise in the Toyota Corolla Xli automatic price in Pakistan as compared with its manual counterpart. This is what makes the vehicle an attractive deal for the low-end consumers aspiring for a high-end vehicle with luxury-oriented specs.