Updated On: 19 July, 2018
Corolla XLi ecotec Price in Pakistan
Price Rs: 1,599,000
Corolla GLi ecotec Price in Pakistan
Price Rs: 1,729,000

Pakistan's Indus Motors company introduced Toyota Corolla Ecotec in 2012. The main sensation among car lovers related to this model was that of factory fitted CNG kits. By doing so, the company ensured the same popularity for its vehicles as Suzuki's automobiles have been receiving in Pakistan for years. Turning a vehicle to a CNG version on your own can cause certain problems, affecting its performance. However, if a car comes from the factory with pre-installed kits, its performance remains as commendable as ever. That is why this version of Pakistan's most beloved Sedan was welcomed with a great deal of enthusiasm in 2012.

Introduction of Ecotechnology

However, the latter part of 2012 brought an unfortunate government ban on such vehicles with factory fitted CNG kits. A new technology, known as ecotechnology, has been introduced which is one of the applied sciences.

Environment Friendly

It not only seeks to fulfill your high end travelling demands, but also leaves less harmful impacts on the environment. So, you can easily take care of the environment without making any compromise for your activities. A car’s performance will remain unaffected. The only change is that the level of pollution created by an average vehicle will be minimized.

Optimum Fuel Efficiency

The Toyota Corolla Ecotec new model features Emissions Control Optimization Technology which serves to optimize fuel efficiency of the engine and renders more power for its overall performance. There are basic 4-cylinder engines with the added potency of EFi technology along with VVT-i. Moreover, an ecotech sequential injection system helps the vehicle achieve its best.

Interior and Exterior

It is only the efficiency of engine which classifies the vehicle as an eco-friendly car. The rest of the features of the GLi and XLi models are the same as you can visualize in the Toyota Corolla Ecotec pictures. Therefore, you have the same stunning exterior and the same pleasing interior filled with luxuries and comfort.

Available Versions

Fortunately, there is no considerable rise in the Toyota Corolla Ecotec price. The environment-friendly version of this Sedan remains just as affordable as the ordinary ones. This 5-door compact vehicle brings the best features to your family with style. The revamped body is the center of attraction even when it is surrounded by different other stylish cars on the road.

Toyota Corolla Ecotec Blue Matlic Back Side Full View

Comfort and Entertainment

Similarly, the inside of the car is also the same as that of an ordinary version. You can enjoy a spacious interior with factory fitted AC and music system. The temperature in the interior can be brought considerably down in order to impart a great deal of comfort to its passengers. Similarly, the media player is an important feature for entertainment during journeys which take a long time.

Bottom Line

The 2013 model will be running even more impressively on the alternative fuel options like petrol and diesel. In short, the new features added to control or minimize the environmental pollution will make the vehicle very popular, particularly among the young generation of the country who always want to enjoy something new and startling. Moreover, the comparatively low Toyota Corolla Ecotec price in Pakistan will be making it an easy choice in the market.