Updated On: 19 July, 2018
Altis 1.6 L Price in Pakistan
Price Rs. 1,994,000
Altis 1.8 L 6-MT
Price Rs. 2,079,000
Altis 1.8 L CVIT Price in Pakistan
Price Rs. 2,204,000

The new version of Toyota Corolla Altis stares you down with more attitudes in 2017. The latest version is not only more compact than its predecessors, but is also classier than before. At the same time, the remodeled interior has brought considerable improvements to the level of comfort and luxury. With all these modifications, the performance of the car has not been overlooked. Manufacturers have made sure that you get a car which not only looks glamorous, but also performs great owing to its enhanced features. Toyota Corolla Altis price is, therefore, more than what the previous versions did cost.

Available Versions

This four door vehicle gives you four choices in the Pakistani auto market. These four options are:

  • Corolla Altis M/T
  • Corolla Altis Cruisetronic
  • Corolla Altis M/T with sunroof
  • Corolla Altis Cruisetronic with sunroof
Toyota Corolla Altis Grande 2019

The M/T version of Altis is the least costly one with a price of less than two million rupees. On the other hand, you will have to pay around 2 million rupees if you opt for the Altis Cruisetronic version with a sunroof. The sunroof adds to the cost, but also gives you an enhanced experience for enjoyable drives with the members of your family.

9 Decent Color Options

This marvelous new model is available with an option of nine amazing colors. There will be no monotony as you won't be restricted to just white or black. So, just choose the color for the car you love to buy and enhance your taste and pleasure.

Exceptional Performance and Fuel Efficiency

The credit for the exceptional performance of this Sedan goes to its 1.6 L engine with its dual VVT-I fuel system. These features make it a fuel efficient car. You wouldn't have to worry about Toyota Corolla Altis price in Pakistan as it will be a wise investment, helping you reduce your fuel bills. The Automatic version of this car also possesses an Eco-meter which will let you keep an eye on fuel efficiency of your vehicle. This small gadget is, indeed, very useful and amazing in its performance.

Cruise Control Convenient Drive

As a driver, you will be delighted by how smoothly the steering can be handled. It also works with cruise control feature for an even more convenient drive. On the other hand, if you are a passenger in Toyota’s Altis, you will have an equally gratifying experience in the car.

Luxurious Interior

A roomy interior, air conditioning, efficient sound system and comfortable seats are only a few of the many appealing features of the automobile.

Enhanced Safety

Safety is also ensured for all your trips in this stylish car. You will find the vehicle equipped with all the common safety features, including air bags and anti-lock braking system.

Toyota Corolla Altis Attitude Black Color

55 Liter Fuel Tank Capacity

Moreover, all your long journeys will be covered comfortably by filling the fuel tank up to 55 liters. Efficient and economic consumption of this fuel is going to make it last for a considerably long duration.

Bottom Line

When you buy such a stylish car equipped with the best safety features, fuel efficiency and a luxurious interior, about two million rupees seem very reasonable. Therefore, new model Toyota Corolla Altis is quite an economical car in Pakistan.