Updated On: 24 October, 2019
Toyota Camry Hybrid - Low Grade
Price Rs. 16,050,000
Toyota Camry Hybrid - High Grade
Price Rs. 16,500,000

Let’s indulge in an engaging critical appreciation of Camry – one of the most expensive Toyota cars in Pakistan. The Toyota Camry Hybrid 2019 price in Pakistan goes well above one crore rupees. Even then it is less expensive than its staunch rival from Honda, the Accord. While the Accord costs around 137 lac rupees, the Camry price has been maintained at around 115 lacs for the low-grade variants. The high-grade variant, however, asks for an additional five lac rupees.

Purported to be one of the most refined hybrids, the new Camry combines the outstanding performance of a next-gen hybrid with the refined elegance of a superior quality sedan. Defined by its exceptional comfort, advanced technology and sleek design, the latest model of Toyota car offers a travelling experience that is as exciting as it is innovative.

Providing impressive power and torque, the 2.5 liter engine ensures seamless performance while still maintains blissful silence. The extra power has been seamlessly integrated into its increased efficiency. Another good thing about the new Hybrid is that it has been built around the TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) platform which gives the car high body rigidity and a low center of gravity. This serves to further enhance the driving experience as the car delivers a smooth ride with superior control and sharp handling.

Camry Comparisons and Contrasts:

Toyota’s Camry has got several rivals in the market. Even its sibling, the Fortuner, is competing for dominance. Despite offering greater power output and two additional seats for passengers, the Fortuner costs just around half as much as 2019 Camry!

Other competitors of the Fortuner in the market include Honda Accord, BMW 5 Series, Mercedes Benz E Class, and Audi A5 Sport back.

Let’s first put Camry against its first direct rival, the Accord.

Accord vs Camry:

Offering seating capacity for 5 persons, the Accord and Camry are 4-door cars with almost similar body dimensions. The former (Accord) scores slightly higher in this regard. For example, it is slightly longer (4930 mm vs 4885 mm), wider (1850 mm vs 1840 mm), and taller (1465 mm vs 1445 mm). On the other hand, the Camry stands out to be superior in terms of wheelbase and the ground clearance.

When it comes to engine displacement and the maximum power output, the Camry again emerges as the winner. Against Accord’s piston displacement of 2356 cc, the Camry’s engine capacity measures 2487 cc, i.e. more than 100 cc extra! Another notable factor is that of price. Obviously, the ‘win’ once again goes to Toyota’s product.

Audi A5 vs Camry:

The competition is quite tough here too. Both the 5-seater vehicles look impressive from inside out. Both are 4-door cars and have nearly equal kerb weight. At the same time, they measure almost similar in their body dimensions, including length, width, height, wheel base.

But when it comes to the engine displacement and power output, it is Camry that dominates the day with its whopping 2487 cc machine. In comparison, fitted with a mere 1395 cc engine, the Audi A5 Sportbackhappens to be far less powerful. Logically, its power output should be significantly lower. The fuel tank of Camry (50 L) is, however, much smaller than that of the A5 (65 L).

Now it comes the turn of price. On this front, the Audi offers amazing affordability. Putting the Toyota Camry Hybrid 2019 price in Pakistan against that of Audi, there emerges the gap of over 35 lac rupees between the price of the two – a big gap indeed.

Camry Exterior:

Camry’s sublime exterior exudes an advanced level of beauty, boldness and sophistication. With its redefined, elite-class style, every moment becomes extravagant.

The sturdy-looking anterior is furnished with bi-beam headlamps that not only give daylike visibility on the road but also accentuate the vehicle’s appearance.

On the top of the vehicle, you will come across a panoramic roof with a glass top. Being big and wide, it gives a sense of openness and enables all the passengers to enjoy the scenic beauty of the nature outside. Daytime Running Lamps with solid lenses in 3 layers have also been installed.

Toyota Camry Hybrid Exterior

On the posterior end, the Rear Combination Lamps enhance the sophisticated appearance and signature luminescence.

The Camry runs on the 18” Alloy Rims where the contrasting design of aluminum wheels combines silver painted spokes with the bright machined spokes, thus creating an elegant and luxurious expression.

For a convenience-powered, phenomenal start and operation, various smart technologies have been integrated. They include Smart Entry & Start System, Smart Key, Smart Trunk Button, and Smart Door Handles with Touch Sensor.


Brimming with intelligence and wisdom, the interior features an advanced Human-Machine Interface. Different controls have been integrated into the newly optimized leather-trapped steering wheel of the Hybrid. It brings the functions, like cruise control switch, meter, audio, and driver support systems.

In place of the conventional 4” screen, it brings a much larger 7” multi information display. It keeps you informed about the dynamics of your journeywhile maintaining your focus on the road. In addition to it, there is an 8-inch large multimedia system which renders the pleasure of being able to enjoy a variety of features.

Other notable features in the interior include dual zone auto AC with NANOE technology, rear trunk, and so on.