Updated On: 6 Aug, 2018
Liana 1.3L RXI MT Price in Pakistan
Price Rs: 1,365,000
Liana 1.3L RXI MT CNG Price in Pakistan
Price Rs: 1,444,000

With a new 2014 version, Suzuki Liana continues to bring glory to the already noteworthy Japanese manufacturer, Suzuki. This 4 door Sedan possesses everything you may desire from a compact automobile for your family: style, comfort, safety and efficiency.

Decent Colour Choices

As you can witness in the Suzuki Liana pictures, this sophisticated car comes in six elegant colors. You can drive off in a white, graphite grey or silver Liana if you want the automobile reflect extreme levels of soberness. On the other hand, pearl red and eminent blue can be an exciting choice for users who like more glamour.

Simple yet Elegant Exterior

The external design of Liana follows a conventional Sedan body type with no modified curves or lines. Although the car looks elegant, it does not make a bold statement. The front grille is simple and is flanked by a pair of ordinary looking headlights. The same simple pattern follows for the rest of the car up to its rear end.

Refreshing Interior

The car's external design might be boring due to a typical Sedan style, but the interior is quite refreshing. Three people at the back and two at the front will enjoy a quiet and smooth ride in this spacious vehicle.

Enhanced M13A Engine

Fitted with M13A engine, it provides the superb power to run the vehicle. It is the same machine which also powers up the Swift and Jimny models.

Great Affordability

It is one of the most affordable Sedans available in the market as Suzuki Liana price is close to one and a half million rupees. Given a choice between Toyota's Corolla and Suzuki's Liana, the latter would be more popular among buyers as it costs lower than Toyota's more luxuriant Corolla models in 2014.

5-Speed Manual Transmission

So far, the automatic version of Liana is not available. You only have the model with 5 speed manual transmission system. This is a drawback because in 2013, more and more potential vehicle buyers are turning towards the more efficient automatic versions of automobiles. Unfortunately, the company has not provided this option for the vehicle yet.

Liana vs. Corolla—Which one is the Winner?

If you carry out a comparison between Liana and Toyota's latest 2014 Corolla XLi and GLi models, you will observe that Liana does not stand a chance. The revamped Corolla models offer more style and a better performance. The bold and bewitching front of Corolla XLi and GLi models is enough to steal the show away from Liana. These sporty cars also have a wider range of colors to offer. Their nine different colors are more mesmerizing than Liana's six. Moreover, performance also shows a clear difference between these two counterparts. With an EFI engine, Toyota Corolla performs more efficiently than its potential rival Sedan by Suzuki. Plus, it is also available with automatic transmission system.

Suzuki Liana

Bottom Line

Suzuki Liana price in Pakistan, seems to be the only factor giving this car an edge over the more expensive Corolla Xli and Gli cars. There is a difference of almost 0.5 million rupees. However, this seems like a bad bargain as you would be settling for something with a low quality if you purchase it. It is still a reliable vehicle just like other Suzuki automobiles. Therefore, opting for it wouldn't be a completely bad decision.